Five Sentence Fiction – View

5 Sentence Fiction- VIEW

Kera stood at the end of the bar looking out over the sea of nodding heads keeping time to the Latin rhythms of her favorite band, while her sometimes-friend, Jamie, slurred out her life story to the poor, unsuspecting guy who had the misfortune of sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time.
She downed the last swallow of her warm beer and pulled a twenty out of her jeans pocket to buy another round when the sound of familiar laughter made her stop and smile; She didn’t know how Jay managed to get out of work early or how he figured out where to find her, but it was just like him to surprise her like this.
She quickly ordered another beer for herself and a tall Jack and Coke with lots of lime, just the way he liked it.  I may have a few surprises for you tonight, she thought as she pushed her way through the packed bar  in search of her fiance’.

When he finally stepped back from the tall brunette he’d been kissing,  Jay noticed some broken glass on the floor and waved over to the bartender to come clean it up before somebody got hurt.


This Boy’s Heart

  Music has always been a big piece of who I am. I’ve always felt as if it’s a part of me, like tasting or breathing. From the time I was young, when I would sit in my little chair listening to a song over and over again on my record player until I knew all it’s secrets, I’ve felt it’s power. Music is my companion and confidant.

  It’s my heart when I don’t know how to expose my own.

While driving to the store the other day, a song I’ve never heard before came on the radio. From the first notes of the guitar, it pulled me in. As I listened to the words, I felt the tears threatening.
She was singing about me; Singing the words I would have written if I could have found them.
Words about how I felt growing up and still feel now, words of sorrow for the pieces of himself my son must leave behind in order to be considered a man.
Words, which, quite simply, tell the story of us all, before we’re told who we’re suppose to be.

There was no need to listen to this song over and over again; It’s secrets have always been kept in this boy’s heart.

20439_256761796658_3630781_n  me and “Mean Green” c.1975