Five Sentence Fiction – LUCKY

Evenings, at sunset, out my window I see
a man and his dog,but they never see me.
They walk along slow, never changing their pace,
a look of contentment spread over each face.
I sit and I watch, though I should look away,
the sight makes me sad at the end of each day.
For I know when they turn, to make their way home,
I’ll remain sitting here, I’ll remain all alone.
My own faithful friend’s been gone many a year,
yet the view from my window can still bring a tear.

Sing a Song of Spring

Image Cardinal singing in the tree
I like to hear your song’s new key

All winter through you sat and chirped
And told me of your warmth usurped

Through wind and ice and flakes of snow
You warbled “Where’d my sunshine go?”

But now the bright beams warm your verse
No longer do you winter curse

Your notes have changed from ire to glee
And I you answer joyfully

United We Stand

 Other kid’s parents.
  They are the bane of my existence and have been ever since I became a mother 19 years ago. They are the ones who said nothing to their child about pushing mine out of the way while he was waiting for his turn on the slide at the playground. They are the ones who let my 8 year old son play Grand Theft Auto. They are the ones who let their high schoolers stay out till four in the morning.
 And now they are the ones who don’t care if my 19 year old sits at their house and drinks half the night then drives home.
 Now, I understand that it’s my son doing the drinking. We have very strict rules about underage drinking in this house and he knows it. He is at fault for breaking our rules and has been punished accordingly. But perhaps if half of his friend’s parents didn’t facilitate the drinking by allowing it when they hang out at their house, and even occasionally BUYING it for them, my arguments to my son against it might seem more valid to him. As any parent who’s heard the phrase “Well, so-and-so’s parents don’t care” uttered to them can attest, it can be the most frustrating thing when another parent undermines a value you are trying to instill or disregards a rule made for your childs well being.
 In this case, these parents are actually breaking the law.

  We must be a united front in raising our children. Not all of our values will always be the same, but there are core rights and wrongs on which we must stand together. There are rules of law and rules of society on which we all must be firm and help each other guide our children down the right path. 

  I will help your child in any way I can. Please help me to help mine.


Five Sentence Fiction – FURIOUS

Image Head pounding and hands shaking, she slams the lid on her suitcase. Tears continue to fall even though she physically tries to will them away. She paces between  nightstand and window, then grabs her things and heads for the door. Stopping mid stride, she begins frantically searching through her purse. She pulls out a well worn love letter and  places it under his forgotten cell phone, and Janet’s text asking him what time he’ll be over.