Five Sentence Fiction – LUCKY

Evenings, at sunset, out my window I see
a man and his dog,but they never see me.
They walk along slow, never changing their pace,
a look of contentment spread over each face.
I sit and I watch, though I should look away,
the sight makes me sad at the end of each day.
For I know when they turn, to make their way home,
I’ll remain sitting here, I’ll remain all alone.
My own faithful friend’s been gone many a year,
yet the view from my window can still bring a tear.

13 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – LUCKY

  1. I would feel sad too. Well done.
    But I’m really a cat lover, and after my cat died, my OH and I waited until we’d buried her ashes before we went and got a replacement to fill the void she left behind.

    Would love to read your comment on my endeavor.
    [Use my second link for WordPress]

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