…about feeling helpless

Sarah, what do you think?

I am angry today.

REALLY angry.

Incase you have missed it today it was reported that Jews are being told that they have to register in eastern Ukraine or face deportation and seizure of property. It is also being reported that famous Hollywood director, Bryan Singer, has been accused of raping a teenage boy.

Both of these stories made me shiver. The horror of anti-semitism and history repeating itself, especially after the anti semitic fueled shooting in Kansas on Sunday and the rising power of the neo nazi group in Greece, is staggering to me. The disgust of yet another, powerful figure, being given free reign to abuse whomever he sees fit. Singer is well know for his taste in “barely legal” men and drug fueled parties.

I see these stories and I want to take action. I want to DO something. So, I wrote about it. I posted…

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