Many Christmas traditions begin inadvertently, without ever a thought given to the meaning it will have in future years.
About 20 years ago, when Mike was very small, we were all baking cookies in the kitchen on a hectic, pre-Christmas day. We heard the first notes of the bells ringing on the random CD I had thrown in the player and something inside of us woke up. For the next two minutes and thirty-five seconds, we all danced around the kitchen with lively, exaggerated dance moves that would put Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton to shame.
All these years later and Lou, Mike, and I never quite feel the Christmas season has begun until the “Jing” CD, as we so lovingly call it, is taken from its case, placed in the player, and cranked to full volume.
Sometimes we surprise each other with “Jing” first thing in the morning, or after coming home from work, or sometimes, after a long, difficult day.
Never once, in all this time, has it failed to transport us back to that first joyful expression of holiday fun and togetherness.
We may be a little more winded after our exertions then we were then, but the way it touches our hearts will always remain unchanged.
Merry Christmas, friends!


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