Boil That Water Down





P1080781  In a fit of delirium, after 12 hours in the sugaring shack, I wrote a poem set to music, or if you prefer the more popular term, a song.

The tune is loosely based on the old Bluegrass song “Boil That Cabbage Down”, but the lyrics are 100% about my family and me .
The chords are G, D, C, G, D, A, C, G repeated through both chorus and verses, just in case you ever feel like immortalizing us in a poem set to music.

G               D
Boil that water down
C                 G
Cook it till it's brown
G                  D
The only song that I can sing 
   A         C     G
Is boil that water down

Louis was a city boy
Who longed for country life
Got himself a piece o' land 
and brought along his wife

They worked sunup to sundown
To try to make it fine
With deer and Bear and Fox
And an occasional 'qupine


Their boy was big and strappin'
And helped them all he could
By puttin' in new windows
And stackin' fire wood

The Chickadog was happy
But sometimes tried to dine
On the deer and bear and fox
And that occasional 'qupine


One day they got an idea
To make 'em something sweet
They tapped themselves some maples
To make a tasty treat

They started in with four taps
But how the story goes
They tapped into six more trees
And watched the water flow


They boiled it in the pole barn
They boiled it in the yard
Boilin' sap's a good ol' time
The work ain't very hard

Now syrup's on their pancakes
And everything they eat
They looked for miles and miles around
Their syrup can't be beat 


So if you get an inklin'
To do just what they done
Get yourself a piece o' land
And have yourself some fun!


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Boil Them Cabbage Down - The Dillards



While preparing for a show, I always escape to the woods near my house with my trusty recorder and headphones and walk along the lake reciting lines and/or laboring over lyrics and harmony to a song.
Today’s walk so beautifully paired my work with my surroundings I felt a need to capture and share it.

This Boy’s Heart

  Music has always been a big piece of who I am. I’ve always felt as if it’s a part of me, like tasting or breathing. From the time I was young, when I would sit in my little chair listening to a song over and over again on my record player until I knew all it’s secrets, I’ve felt it’s power. Music is my companion and confidant.

  It’s my heart when I don’t know how to expose my own.

While driving to the store the other day, a song I’ve never heard before came on the radio. From the first notes of the guitar, it pulled me in. As I listened to the words, I felt the tears threatening.
She was singing about me; Singing the words I would have written if I could have found them.
Words about how I felt growing up and still feel now, words of sorrow for the pieces of himself my son must leave behind in order to be considered a man.
Words, which, quite simply, tell the story of us all, before we’re told who we’re suppose to be.

There was no need to listen to this song over and over again; It’s secrets have always been kept in this boy’s heart.

20439_256761796658_3630781_n  me and “Mean Green” c.1975