Break out the buckets

Go find the taps

Pull on your Wellies

It’s time to tap sap!

Freezing at night-time

And warm in the day

Drill a hole in the tree

And you’re well on your way

To water that’s flowing

Though snow’s in the air

Soon in the shack

You’ll be boiling with care

You’ll sit in the shanty

While big kettles roil

With family and friends

So it wont feel like toil

You’ll laugh and tell jokes

And play some guitar

And talk of the sweetness 

You’ll put in a jar


P1080746 P1080939


  I would consider our foray into the world of sugaring at our new house on Three Bear’s Ridge to be a rousing success. We jarred about 4 gallons of delicious syrup, and had a great time doing it. If the weather holds, we may even be able to get a few more days in the shanty.